Today, we will be praying through Genesis 1:1-25. Read the whole passage here. It is only natural to begin at the beginning, isn’t it? But we are not merely starting with Genesis 1 because it is the first chapter of the Bible, or because it describes the origin of our world. We are really beginning in the place where we can establish some of the most important facts of the Bible: God’s creative power and His goodness. The first few verses are quoted so often that, for many of us, they have probably lost their impact, so please take the time to read this passage slowly and really let it sink in.

“In the beginning, God created…”

Everything. Thou didst create the sun, moon and stars. Thou gavest us the grass, the flowers, the animals, and the dew. Thou madest everything from the bountiful seas to the babbling brooks, from the minutest atom to the vast galaxies. And how didst these wonders come into existence?

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

It was all through the power of Thy word. Thou spakest and it was. There was no delay. There was no collision of asteroids, no evolution of cells. Thou didst call what was not as if it was, and therefore it was. This is a most awesome thought in the truest sense of the word.


Praise be to Thy holy name, O Yahuah, God of creation! Thy power is beyond my comprehension. Although I understand not how Thy word alone has made all that is, whether seen or unseen, it is so. Thou hast given me faith, for which I thank thee, and I ask that Thou wouldst increase my faith. Help me to see Thy powerful hand in all Thy works that I see around me today. Help me to see Thy loving kindness in every flower, every raindrop, even every fallen leaf or blast of winter wind. Give me more love and gratitude for all that Thou hast given me.


It amazes me that all these beautiful things are Thy gifts for such ungrateful creatures as humankind. The many shades of green in the grass and trees, the wide array of colours in every sunrise and sunset, are signs of Thy love. All the plants would survive perfectly well with leaves and flowers of a single colour. No practical purpose is served by the array of colours we see in the sky as the day begins and ends. But Thou lovest beauty and variety. Thou gavest us this same love and made a world perfect for not only our needs, but also our wants. Thou gavest us everything for our joy and fulfillment.

Relate It to Christ

But the greatest gift of all was the gift of Thy Son, who is the Beginning and the End. Abba, give me a deeper appreciation and awe for what He did and is doing for me. He shed His precious blood for someone like me! He sheds that sacred blood afresh every time I sin! Oh, Abba, forgive Thy child for such faltering, careless steps. But I thank Thee for the continual service of Yahushua, my High Priest. I thank Thee for hearing my prayers in His name. I don’t deserve anything good, yet Thou hast given me every blessing that you possibly could, simply because Thou art good and merciful and the very personification of perfect love.


Make me to tremble at the very thought of hurting my beloved Saviour today. And give me a fresh supply of Thy Holy Spirit, that I might glorify Thy name in all that I do. Fill me with Thy love, that I will serve others as Thy Son served humanity on this earth, and continues to serve us day and night. But above all, transform me, Abba, that I will cease from sinning and help to bring the pain of this world to an end.

In the blessed name of Thine only begotten Son, Yahushua,

Final Thoughts

Well, dear reader, this is my first time praying over a passage of Scripture like this. What did you think? Did it inspire you? Or did you feel as if something was missing? Do you have a contribution to make? Please, share below! And feel free to share your prayer requests, too! I want to do more intercessory prayer. Really, we should all be praying for one another more, so I would love to see you praying for one another in the comments. It would give me great joy, and I believe it would do the same for our heavenly Father. Blessings!

PS: Don’t forget to read the evening devotion tonight!

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