Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here! Come on in and take a seat and we’ll have a chat about this little blog. But first, I’ll give you a summary of my testimony, so you know where I’m coming from.

My Upbringing

My mother raised me as a Christian, however, it was a nominal household. She did her best and I think she’s a very good mother, but one can only do so much in a broken family. I was baptized at a young age, and I was sincere about committing my life to Jesus. Sadly, though, I didn’t really understand how to have a relationship with God. My prayers were formulaic and before long I became bored of them. Maybe you’ve experienced that feeling of forgetting if you prayed over your food or not? That was me. I took the first excuse I could find to pray less often, until I finally stopped altogether. Moreover, my reading of the Bible rapidly waned as I entered my teens. I was a voracious reader, but my love was novels; the Word of God took second place (or third, if you include textbooks).

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

In my early adulthood, I attempted to restore my relationship with God, but there were still important things I didn’t understand and my efforts failed pretty badly. I backslid again, even worse than before. No longer was I addicted merely to novels and a little anime; this time, I dove fully into anime, manga, online role-playing and even video games. My taste in novels also became more and more worldly, even venturing into paranormal romance (which I would never have imagined reading in high school). I experienced depression and apathy and nearly gave up on my faith entirely. I can truly attest to how rapidly one can decline spiritually once they step onto the downward path.

The Light Finally Dawns

God didn’t give up on me, though, praise His name! By His grace, in 2016, I had a breakthrough. I was truly converted. There were multiple factors that contributed, but suffice it to say, I threw away/sold every piece of entertainment I owned (including the so-called “Christian” novels). My wonderful heavenly Father broke the chains that bound me. He set me free!

At first, I did struggle with video games, particularly one that I had spent over 1000 hours playing (no joke). I had gained nearly all the many achievements. More than once, I looked at my 3DS sitting on my nightstand with longing.

Then one day, as I struggled to resist that pull, I experienced one of the rare times in my life that God spoke to me through one of His angels. I distinctly heard, in my mind, a series of questions: “If you do get the last achievement, will you feel proud of yourself? Will you boast about your accomplishment to your family? To your friends? To God? Will they be proud of you?” I knew, of course, that there was an online community I could indeed boast to; they would congratulate me, even be jealous. But whose opinion mattered more? Did I want to puff myself up in front of online strangers over a meaningless game, or did I want to please God? It was in that moment that the desire to play disappeared for good.

The Transforming Power of Grace

After that, God began to transform my life. He convicted me about modesty, wearing skirts, and even wearing head coverings. And then, I met the man that I would later marry on Facebook through a mutual friend. This all happened within the span of mere months. By that autumn, we were courting, and the next summer, we were married. What a wonderful God we serve!

Since then, God has been bringing me through many lessons. I’ve learned much about God’s Law and about true health reform. I’ve gained much clarity on the Gospel that I had lacked as a child, even being raised in the faith. God has gradually been stripping me of my pride, my laziness, and my carelessness. Without a doubt, He is refining me.

So, Why the Devotional?

Unfortunately, I still have a struggle. I was young when I stopped praying and studying the Bible daily. I did not have any self-discipline in any other area of my life, either. After training myself for over twenty years to live haphazardly and take the easy route, maintaining a consistent devotional life now is very nearly impossible. So, I set out to find ways to grow in this regard, and this led me to the idea of praying through the Scriptures. My desire is to learn to desire God’s Word more than my necessary food (Job 23:12) and “eat” it with relish (Jeremiah 15:16).

So, dear reader, will you join me on my journey? Together, we can learn how to incorporate the creative power of God into our lives. Together, we can learn to make the Word the joy and rejoicing of our hearts. If that is your desire, too, please use the menu above to read today’s prayer. If you are inspired, please share in the comments! Oh, but please read the Comment Policy first. Thank you!